Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems – Interior design + furniture design for employee lounges and kitchenettes in the “Lufthansa Airport Garden” office building in Raunheim, Germany

Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading IT suppliers for the airline industry. The company offers innovative and frequently market-leading IT products and services to a large number of airline clients.

The new Lufthansa Systems headquarters is located at “Lufthansa Airport Garden” in Raunheim near Frankfurt am Main. The architects Graf & Graf created a modern new building with an area of 1800 square meters for the c.800 employees.

To support and facilitate the open working environment, separate lounges and kitchenettes were developed for the employees. On each of the 4 floors which are occupied by Lufthansa Systems there are 2 employee lounges and 2 kitchenettes.

The rooms designed by Ulla Götz meet the high quality standards of Lufthansa Systems as regards materials, workmanship and uniqueness.
Both the staff lounges and the kitchenettes are unusual and far from ordinary standard.

In the identical building, Ulla Götz, InnenArchitektur+Design, also designed the foyer, the customer conference lounge, the showroom and the managing director’s area.

Construction of furniture: Droste GmbH, Gelsenkirchen
Photographer: Rolf Benz, Patrick Kuschfeld
Design + 3D-Animation: Ulla Götz