Kenya Airways

Design Operations Control and Hub Control Center at Nairobi Airport, Kenya

Every large international airline has an Operations Control Center (OCC) which regulates and optimizes the entire air traffic whilst also taking into account the necessary processes with regard to aircraft and crew availability.

In addition to the OCC, which is focused on the airline, every larger transit airport (HUB) also has a Hub Control Center (HCC). Its central task is to steer the aircraft dispatch and the passenger flow in cooperation with the airline, the airport and all other involved partners.

Kenya Airways aimed to operate the first Operations and Hub Control Center in Africa and required modern, functional work desks which fulfilled European standards as regards quality, work place design and ergonomics.

The individually designed work desks were developed and constructed in Germany.

The rooms were allocated according to tasks, collaboration and interdependence to ensure short, fast and optimal communication flows.

Furthermore, a conference room and crisis room, team leader offices and a lounge for the employees were designed in addition to the two control centers.

3D-Animation: Ulla Götz

HCC = Hub Control Center
OCC = Operations Control Center
HUB = An aviation crossroads, also referred to as an air hub. In the aviation industry this is a transfer airport used by one or several cooperating airlines or an airline alliance to transfer between short, medium and long haul flights.